About Tien

Tien is definately one of those “car enthusiast” types.  He currently drives a Lexus Nx 200 Turbo when he is not in his Lexus SC430.  He has owned and modified several unique vehicles such as the Lexus ISF 500 HP and a supercharged Honda S2000 su with all carbon fibre parts. He has also built several Toyota’s including a Rav4 Rally Edition: one seat, full roll cage, fully tuned, custom suspension and exhaust.  In addition customized all the electronics and fabrications.

Tien and his team does all of our in-house customizations for events & advertising.  He is also the primary Toyota & Scion customization consultant to our customers.

Tien has been tuning and modifying vehicles since he was 15.  It is one of his many passions. He says “it is like a work of art putting his personality into a vehicle”.  He loves the challenge of sculpting unique vehicles.

When asked about the Scion vehicles he mentions “that they lack brand awareness” and they are for people, young and old that want something quality but at the same time unique.  Tien was quick to assert that Scion’s compared to other vehicles in their individual classes are cutting edge in terms of quality (fit and finish) and technology for the price.  “The are built to last and customize” he said.

When asked what he thought of Country Hills Toyota Scion he says “we always go the extra mile whether it comes to events, sponsorships, community involvement or employee gigs”, “we care about the small details of things” he said. CHTS is one of western Canada’s leading Scion dealership.

Tien is currently the Matrix Motorsports Manager at Country Hills Toyota Scion.