About Amanda

Amanda has been in the automotive industry for over 5 years and with Country Hills Toyota Scion for 3. When it comes to working here Amanda says “the facility, people and the culture are really special”.  She currently drives a 2015 Rav4 and loves it.

When asked about Scion the brand she says “it’s still new” and is specifically targeted at her demographic but rarely sees its marketing.  She believes that if it had more brand exposure at events, festivals and concerts it would be more successful.  “Many people come into our showroom and are like ….What are these?” She says “people just don’t know that Scion is a sub-brand of Toyota”.

Amanda’s favourite Scion is the iQ.  She likes how unique and cool it is.

When asked about Scion, She said “it is a growing brand”.   “Each Scion model has the potential to be amazing beyond its factory build”.  She mentioned that the most appealing thing about Scion’s is that they are factory built and priced to be customized.

Amanda mentioned that the new 2016 Scions will be even more customizable because they are going to be delivered to the dealerships without the trim’s already installed.  This will provide customers the opportunity to have more flexibility when buying a Scion.

Amanda is currently the Inventory & Delivery Manager at Country Hills Toyota Scion.